International Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2021

International Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2021

With the International Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2021, it is aimed to investigate successful social enterprise examples in many countries and to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem by examining the samples and sharing them in the Workshop result report.

Thanks to this Workshop, it is aimed to guide individuals and institutions that want to establish a social benefit-oriented business or tend to turn their businesses into social benefit-oriented enterprises by being an inspiration.

These representatives, who are also workshop speakers, will also share information about other international events and studies held in Turkey.

17-18-19 December 2021 foreign students from at least 20 countries will participate in the Workshop, which is planned to be held online via Zoom; At the end of the workshop, participation certificates will be distributed free of charge in cooperation with Mersin University Young Entrepreneur Application and Research İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi and Social Business Global.

Workshop Chairs: İsmail Hilmi Adıgüzel



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