What is The Mentor Menti Program?

Social Business Global Office in Turkey, has been operating since 2011 in the field of strategic development and brand management issues by İsmail Hilmi Adıgüzel. It is a non-governmental organization that aims to establish Social Entrepreneurship Centers in many locations throughout the country since 2019.

Social Benefit Internship Program is a privileged internship development program that aims to raise individuals who can be active in every field of work with the support of its members and sector representatives who have provided important services to our country.

Social Business Global provides mentoring in building a global movement where anyone can take action to solve a social problem in their community, anywhere. It seeks to build this movement by supporting change-making social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers and activists, by accelerating entrepreneurship and building strong partnerships.

Who is Mentor?

The master, who has a certain experience, knowledge, skill or expertise in the focus of today and the future, contributes to the personal and professional development by giving advice, guidance and information related to the issues addressed.

Who is the Mentee?

An apprentice who wants to develop knowledge, skills and attitude about the sector he has just entered, or who is curious about how to solve a problem in his current position and how to solve it in the most efficient way, or who wants to calculate the possible results of a new decision and prevent problems that may occur from the beginning with a master.

The purpose of the program:

The program aims to raise individuals who can be effective in every field of work with the support of its members and sector representatives who have provided important services to our country in accordance with the new generation working conditions.

Who can participate?

It is a program open to every individual who wants to improve himself / herself without limitation of age, experience and field of education.

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SOCİAL BUSINESS GLOBAL works as a unifying force for children, young people and business owners working for social impact in addition to working for social benefit awareness.

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