İsmail Hilmi Adıgüzel

İsmail Hilmi Adıgüzel


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When was SBG established ?

SBG was founded in 2019 by İsmail Hilmi Adıgüzel in Istanbul.

What does SBG mean?

The acronym of SBG stands for: “Social Business Global”.

Where is SBG's headquarters located? How is its management?

İsmail Hilmi Adıgüzel is the head of SBG, who is located at its headquarters in Istanbul. Each SBG office has its own country / region structure. These offices are completely part of SBG. Managers of SBG offices meet periodically to guide the global organization through knowledge sharing and strategy development meetings.

Does SBG specialize in any field of study?

By learning from and collaborating with social entrepreneurs, SBG identifies patterns and basic tools to help society gain a new framework that enables everyone to be a change maker. Currently, SBG is building and enabling networks to create fundamental changes in the growing experiences of children and young people so that they gain perspectives, skills and opportunities that make a difference. Today’s ideas of SBG Members will point to areas with the greatest collective impact tomorrow.

How is SBG funded?

SBG ensures financial sustainability by accepting donations from individuals, funding foundations and companies. SBG has many individual and institutional contributions from different sectors and interests.

What is a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who offer innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental problems. They are ambitious and persistent – they tackle big problems and offer new ideas for system-level change. They create value through a social sector organization or a business that maintains and propagates their solutions.

Who are the Friends of SBG?

SBG Members are leading social entrepreneurs whom SBG recognizes for their innovative solutions to social problems and their potential to change patterns in society. They demonstrate unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas and demonstrate that compassion, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces for change.

The SBG network aims to meet needs in a spirit of mutual respect, solidarity and cooperation and accepts the following definitions.

Prohibition of Discrimination: SBG Members do not discriminate, in reality or verbally, against any person or institution on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religion, age, caste or any other non-performance criteria.

Non-violence: SBG Members do not participate in any act of violence as individuals or as an institution. They do not support or praise violence.

Impartiality: SBG Members do not allow their institutions or work to be reconciled with any political entity, party or totalitarian ideology.

Transparency: SBG Members respond to information requests from the SBG network, if any, according to the reporting standards set by the country office.

Can I become an SBG Member?

Yes, if you are a social entrepreneur with creative new ideas that will change a social problem significantly, why not? SBG is looking for leading social entrepreneurs around the world in an intensive, people-centered process to integrate their talents into SBG’s global, trust-based friendship program.

Do SBG Members receive financial support?


Is SBG involved in any political party?

No, the SBG (in both global and Turkey) has no connection with any political party or ideology.

Is SBG affiliated with a commercial organization?

SBG can collaborate with companies to promote its work and involve the private sector in positive social impact efforts. These collaborations take the form of projects within the time.

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SOCİAL BUSINESS GLOBAL works as a unifying force for children, young people and business owners working for social impact in addition to working for social benefit awareness.

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