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The importance of entrepreneurship as a rising value increases day by day. It has now become easier for individuals to take entrepreneurship as an option on their agenda while making their career planning. And parallel to this, a brand new economic structure has emerged with features that increase the speed of this trend towards entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship, which can be called value-creating ideas and the capacity to put ideas into action; is defined as people taking initiative to realize their dreams.

The entrepreneurship stated in this purpose is prepared to raise generations with innovative features and its purpose is to spread the entrepreneurship culture in our country, to create a strong ecosystem and to develop entrepreneurship. Our Ministry of Family and Social Policies is responsible for developing the perception of entrepreneurship in children, and the institutions to be cooperated with are MEB, TUBITAK, KOSGEB, TRT and Universities. When entrepreneurship training is given from a young age, we can enable children not only to establish their own businesses, but also to discover their potential by gaining practical and creativity skills that they can use in all areas of their lives.

We invite other organizations to join the movement and encourage the leaders of tomorrow.


An example:

Jeffrey Owen Hanson

At the age of 12, he discovered his artistic talent when he received chemotherapy due to a disease affecting the nervous system. Jeffrey started painting the cards brought by his visitors with watercolor and then started working on the canvases. Meeting Elton John through the Make a Wish Foundation, Jeffrey gave Elton John a picture. So he started to get many high profile customers and made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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